A History of The Grant Rocker

A Unique Walnut Rocking Chair

In 1979 W. Gerry Grant had an idea. After some trials and tribulations the chair we call The Grant Rocker emerged.  It is a unique rocking chair design that uses rope and wood blocks to form the most comfortable wooden rocking chair you'll ever sit in. While there are similar rocking chairs on the market none of them can claim the comfort, or more importantly, the benefits of our chair!

There are several variations of the chair that Mountain Air Woodworks sells.  The first is the original Grant Rocker. This design most closely resembles the chairs that Gerry has been selling for over 40 years. Gerry is still selling his original versions under his own name, but he has dramatically cut back on his craft show travels.

Lance has since added his own take to the styling of the rocker and sells the "Low Back" version and his own take on Gerry's "High Back" version as well. All of the styles can also be made wider to facilitate a more comfortable rocking experience as well. 

What makes our rocking chair unique?

The rocking chair is unique in many ways, the most obvious of which is looks. There aren't many walnut rocking chairs that exist that look like ours. The most important difference of this chair is in how it sits. Its design aids in keeping your back aligned and supported while remaining unbelievably comfortable. The wood blocks flex and move to conform to the individual sitting in the chair. You will find sitting in one comfortable but that is just the start. Placing your heels on the rocker points of our chair rotates your pelvis and decompresses your spine which is what provides that amazingly comfortable feeling you get while sitting in our chair.

An Orthopedic Rocking Chair?

The rocking chair isn't certified as an orthopedic rocking chair. However, there have been numerous chiropractors and physical therapists who have been amazed about what was happening to their body mechanics while sitting in the chair. One chiropractor was so excited about what was happening to his back while he was in the chair it was like seeing a little kid on Christmas morning. His explanation of what the chair was doing to his body is now incorporated into how I inform customers about the benefits of the chair. I just knew it was comfortable! Now I can sound smarter than I actually am.

The craftsmanship

At Mountain Air Woodworks, LLC, all of my chairs are hand-made by me.  I am currently a single person operation so I touch every facet of the chair making process. I start with rough cut slabs of hardwoods (and sometimes with the logs themselves) and take them through the milling and building process to end with a finished rocker.

My chairs are made with a solid black walnut frame. The blocks of the chair can be made from several species of wood for a mono-chromatic or contrasting look, whichever you prefer. We use a polyester rope to lace the blocks into the chair. Polyester is moisture resistant, won't mold or mildew, has a high abrasion resistance, and best of all has a minimal stretch which keeps your chair comfortable and supportive over time.

Each chair is made with a minimum of screws (usually just a couple to hold a piece or cross braces in place) and is built using loose tenon joinery.

It's as solid a chair as they come and is guaranteed to last your lifetime.

How do you sit in one?

If you'd like to try a chair, check out our instagram and facebook pages at the links below to see what's going on in the shop. You can also see our craft show schedule and see where we'll be next. Or, you can always email us with any other questions you might have!

We look forward to seeing you at a show!