About - The Craftsman

Lance was born and raised in south central Pennsylvania in the small towns and rural countryside north of Gettysburg.  He always had a penchant for building things and there were always Lincoln Logs and Legos scattered throughout the house when he was young.  Hiking and photography became some of his favorite pastimes as he got older. In high school, he met Gerry Grant and started working in his shop. Some of his tasks there included cutting and shaping the wooden blocks for the rockers, finishing the furniture and learning the basics of tool use and woodworking.

After high school Lance joined the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and attended college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  While there, he earned a degree in business management and a commission as an artillery officer in the PA Army National Guard. He worked several jobs in the private sector and then as a contractor for the Army before becoming active duty in the PA Guard. He then taught ROTC at Shippensburg University where he also earned his MBA. After 20 years away from the area, being back home gave him the opportunity to reconnect with many people he had not seen in quite some time.  One of those individuals was Gerry.

The Birth of a Business

During a visit with Gerry, Lance and Gerry had a short discussion about Gerry's plans once he retired and what was going to happen to Gerry's business and the design of his rocking chair.  Over the next several months that discussion slowly morphed into Lance purchasing a license from Gerry to make the Grant Rocker and launching his own venture into woodworking.  In the following months, Lance began laying the foundation for his business and resigned his active duty posting with the PA Army National Guard.  Then, in June of 2021, Lance officially launched Mountain Air Woodworks, LLC which has become his full-time endeavor.

Continuing a Legacy

Lance continues to work with Gerry and they collaborate and discuss ideas often. Gerry is generous enough to allow Lance to use space to store and dry lumber and to use some of the bigger, more industrial sized woodworking machines that Lance just doesn't have the space for yet. They help one another at craft shows when the other needs a helping hand. If you go to the right show, you might see them both touting the benefits of relaxing in a Grant Rocker at the end of your day.

Lance is proud to be able to continue building the Grant Rocker and looks forward to showcasing furniture of his own design alongside the Grant Rocker for years to come.